If screen off SharpTools Tasker Push Events don't work

I am trying to do a simple thing, when i turn on the tv sharptools sends a notification to tasker which turns on a led light via broadlink. All of this works perfectly when my phone’s screen is on. After 10 minutes with the screen off sharptools receives the notification with a bit of delay, after an hour it shows no signs of life. If I turn on the screen the notification comes instantly and tasker does its job. I excluded tasker from the problems because even after an hour of off screen it receives notifications from autoremote. I am using android 10 (LOS 17.1) with root permissions, I have disabled battery optimizations (I have verified that tasker, sharptools and smartthinghs are whitelisted). In smartthings live log I see the event only if the screen is on, after 10 minutes of screen off the event arrives late, after a while no more events arrive. What am I doing wrong?

Android has become much more aggressive with battery management in the latest versions of Android and can cause SharpTools Tasker Push Events to get ‘held’ when the device goes into a deep sleep.

If you’re looking to trigger events on an Android device when the screen is off and the device has gone into doze mode, I would recommend using Pushbullet or Pushover to send the events to your Android device.

Thanks for the reply. Since my device is fixed on a wall and is always connected to the power I decided to disable doze with the command “dumpsys deviceidle disable” and now it works perfectly.


Thanks for sharing the tip!