Ideas for music control

I wanted to see how others go about music control for multiple zones. Currently, I have 3 amps with their own picores on raspberry pi. They’re controlled through my SharpTools dashboard through HTTP calls.

However, I want to expand to multiple zones with a single amp and need a way to control those zones. Has anyone done something like that?

I’m using Sonos, so I don’t know if my experience is relevant for you. Here is my music dashboard, where I’ve added 4 primary zones with album art and basic controls for each zone. I have two lesser-used zones in the bottom right.

The stations buttons are a cool capability but limited to one zone.

In the end there are still limitations of what I can do in the dashboard - for example I can’t group zones together, or edit the music queue. Therefore I’ve added a button that links to the Sonos app, where I have full control.

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The dashboards look great with album art but you can’t really beat the native Sonos app for ease and control. I suppose it would be good if there was a way to just show an album art tile when music is playing that’s been started from the app.

I too link link a tile to the Sonos app and use the Sonos logo for the tile. I don’t like using the app switcher button to return to my SharpTools dashboard or using the back button, as it comes all of the way out of the Sonos app to its home screen. It’s a bit clunky to expose the navigation buttons and I prefer to have the dashboard full screen. To get around that, as I use Fully Kiosk Browser I use the following settings in ‘Other Settings’

  • ‘Touching other apps restarts idle timer’ - On
  • ‘Regain Focus Timer - Bring Fully to foreground after some idle seconds’ - 30

If I’m in the Sonos app I can click around, search, browse and get music playing. Once I’m done, after 30 seconds the screen will return to the previous dashboard automatically. Importantly next time I click the Sonos icon, the app is where I left off last time.


Hi T_Shoaf
I like your dash but how did you make the link tot he sonos app behind the sonos button at the bottom left of your dashboard?