Idea: Smart Busy Sign

Since working from home, I’ve set up some virtual buttons to trigger routines to let my wife know when I’m on a video or audio conference call. While they work great, my failure to press the button on my dashboard is the biggest problem. Plus, my wife has a habit of barging into my office when I’m deep in thought.

I’ve seen a lot of ads for devices like the attached, but they aren’t automated. I’d like replicate something like this in Sharptools, but some how automate it by connecting to a google calendar that mimics my work calendar. Any ideas how I might pull this off? I use IFTTT, SmartThings, and Hubitat.

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First thing that comes to mind is if you’re using Fully browser, you can leverage its API to load a webpage… wait for it… that says ON AIR :slight_smile:

Now, the only thing you need is the detail for the calendar. There’s an integration in ST but not sure if it will stay after Groovy gets the axe.

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