Icons disappear when device is on

This is happening on an older Acer tablet. The icons and glow disappear leaving just the tile when any of the devices are turned on. When I toggle a light on/off, the icons and glow appear momentarily then disappear again.

Thanks for posting. What version of Android is the device running and what browser (including version) are you experiencing this on?

Android 6.0 and the browser is Fully 1.40.1

Thanks for the details. Android 6.0 should work just fine.

Fully Kiosk Browser uses a ‘webview’ to display the page. If you go to Fully Kiosk Settings > Advanced Web Settings > Select Webview Implementation, what do you see? (A screenshot might help)

Would you mind sharing a screenshot (or video recording) of the icons disappearing? Am I understanding correctly that the icons only disappear when the device associated with the tile is on and the icon should be glowing? And did I understand correctly that the glow will momentarily appear as it fades on, but once the glow reaches full intensity, the whole icon (including the glow) disappears?

As a workaround, you could tried disabling the glow option on each of the tiles. My suspicion is the browser on this device has some issue with the glow for some reason.

Damnit, I changed a couple setting in the Advanced section and I don’t know which one fixed it. I will try to replicate it tomorrow.

I did change Acceleration option to Software and something else.