Icon request -Tesla

Requesting Tesla icon in brands

What about one of the following? Looks like the icon library we use has a few electric car type icons.


In the meantime, the leaf icon or one of the electric icons tend to be popular for electric cars:


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I was thinking more along the line of this…

… but I can see where it would be unweildy providing logos for every brand. In the meantime the car-circle-bolt looks good!

Some history, at no extra charge: The logo represents a section of a motor designed by Nikola Tesla himself.


You should be able to load this one to your Files in SharpTools and use it:

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Another great place for transparent icons and such.

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Thanks for sharing!

One downside to these is they are PNGs rather than SVG, so there’s a few things you tradeoff compared to a single color SVG:

  • PNGs are a fixed color (no theme support)
    • Single color SVGs can be automatically recolored to match your theme preferences
    • This PNG will always be red whereas the SVG version could change colors with the theme (and do other neat things like apply glow effects, etc)
  • PNGs are not ‘infinitely scalable’
    • In this case, the PNG seems to scale down well enough, but you can start to see some of the ‘aliasing’ on the edges in the downscaled version
    • SVGs on the other hand should scale infinitely up or down without loss of resolution
  • PNG file size is much larger than SVG
    • In this case, the PNG is only 20kb but it’s still more than 20x larger than the 1kb SVG
    • Most PNGs with more detail / color tend to be much larger (again, this is all relative)

That being said, PNG gives you some benefits:

  • Full color support with details
    • For example, if you want a more ‘realistic’ style with your icons, that source seems have a lot of great icons
  • Great compression for computer generated art
    • PNG is great for clipart-style icons and yields a relatively small file
      (eg. a photo is better as a JPEG)
  • Support for transparency
    • Compared to JPEG, PNG is great for things like icons where you want a transparent background