Icon request for wall sconce

I have a few lights in my house that are wall sconces and there doesn’t appear to be an icon in sharptools that resembles a wall sconce.


Hey @CJ_Resener - I was just cleaning up my old draft posts and realized I never hit submit on this one - my apologies for the delayed reply!

Can you provide a photo or example of what you are looking for? I did a quick Google search and it seems like most modern wall sconce’s are abstract shapes and might be hard to represent as an icon… but it seems like a wall mounted lamp shade is a common representation of a wall sconce. Would something like that work for you?

The current ‘wall’ / ‘sconce’ type icons that we have are probably more suited for outdoor lights.


No worries! Wow, I didn’t realize modern wall sconces were so crazy in design now! When I think of a traditional wall sconce I think of something like this:


I think I icon of this shape would be recognized as an interior wall sconce by most users. The ones currently in sharptools mostly look like exterior lights. To me anyways. Curious to hear your thoughts.

So many different styles of sconces! Maybe eventually SharpTools can have several different icons for sconces. Here’s how mine look, would love to have an icon similar to this!


I’ll have to poke around with it. Maybe a bit more of a round shape with an indication for the upper opening could be more easily represented as a single flat color icon. :slight_smile:

Similar to this image from your search:


I’m open to providing a few options - I don’t expect to be able to provide an icon that exactly mimics each and every type of wall sconce - but I’m open to having a few alternative styles. :smiley:

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