Icon Animation Help

I have a super tile with 2 icons. The active theme has a shake animation which affects both icons. Is there a way to have 1 icon static and the other animated? I was going to use CSS to target one of the icons to animate shake or remove animation, but I don’t know the CSS code to target animation.
Thanks in advance

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Tile Styles apply to the whole SuperTile.

There was some discussion about an approach here:

:link: Need CSS help to duplicate using Supertile - #18 by Chris_C

Thanks Josh. I am using nth item method.
I am trying to figure out if there’s a way to remove the animation from the target icon or would I need to remove all animation from the style and target the icon I want animated?

I suspect either approach could work with the right CSS. I’ll leave that question open to the community…

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Hi, I am doing that for my weather supertile, weather icons are animated separately, I am not using the local icons, but gif animations or fixed icons in custom files feature. In my weather supertile there are static icons are animated icons (gifs). I hope this helps…

Can you explain how you got the weather icons are animated separately?

Hi my friend, you can use the custom file feature, you can set your own icons including animated gifs, look for that feature in the Manage Resources menu. Then in the supertile use each custom icon as you wish…