Icon Animation - Glow?

Is there a reason we haven’t got “Glow” as an available option for icon animation? I use this on all of my lights so I can see at a glance what’s on. I’d like to also be able to use on other active devices that aren’t switches or outlets. For example:

1 - My alarm devices that are added in as motion devices or contacts. While I have different icons for the inactive and active states. I’d like the glow when active so it stands out.

2 - I’ve added microswitches to my dumb locks so that I know whether a door needs locking or not. Again I’d like the glow when active so that the unlocked door stands out from the rest of the icons on my dash.

I realise there are other animation options but they’re all a bit too busy - there’s that much spinning, bouncing and pulsating that the tablet might fall off the wall and it won’t meet minimum WAF!

Edit: So I found a workaround for the locks - which I quite like and will work equally well for other devices. Rather than have the icons Glow when unlocked, I’ve done the opposite with a fake Fade when locked, by choosing the next colour shade down for the content in the state style.

PS - Some icons for curtains/drapes would be nice. Blinds/shades seem to be well catered for but nothing for curtains.


Would be nice to have this as an out of the box option.
For my custom tiles I have just copied the css styling for the glow. SOmething like this:

.glow-body {
color: white!important;

filter: drop-shadow(0 0 3px yellow)drop-shadow(0 0 10px yellow);
color: white;

.glow-crypto-profit, .glow-crypto-symbol{
color: white;