iCloud 'Family Sharing' Calendar

Hello -

New user of SharpTools … loving it so far.

Wanted to ask about the iCloud Calendar integration. I’ve looked over the instructions on the site on how to add a Calendar tile … and specifically an Apple iCloud calendar.

However, the calendar that I’d most like to add is a Family Shared Calendar as that is the one my family and I use to place our calendar items on. That calendar does not appear to give me the option to share it (as the instructions indicate) and retrieve the private/secret iCal link for it.

Is there any way to access a Family Sharing calendar?


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the sharing options that are available for the Family Shared Calendar?

I don’t personally use the iCloud Family Sharing Calendar, but from a bit of quick research it sounds like only members of your iCloud ‘family’ can access it. It sounds like it’s a special calendar that is created when you start doing Family Sharing and doesn’t have the same sharing options that a normal calendar does.

If that’s the case, one alternative would be to create a ‘normal’ calendar and then use the traditional iCloud sharing features to share that calendar with your family. That way you could use the sharing options to get a link to the calendar for use in integrations like SharpTools.

Sure, here is what it looks like. I think you’re spot on, looks to be automatic. It would be a pretty heavy lift in order to use a normal calendar as we’d have to move everything over to it. With a family of 4, we have a lot of items already on the Family Shared calendar. But, thanks for at least taking a look.


Hey Jesse - my family uses iCloud calendar with multiple users. You have to first make the calendar public then you will get the share link option to use on SharpTools. Only the owner of the calendar can make it public.

Robert -

Is that an automatically created “Family Sharing” calendar, or one you created, and then shared amongst your family members? My family and I have been using the “Family” calendar that gets automatically created and shared with members of family sharing … we have so much stuff on this calendar, it would be a PITA to move everything over to a new manually created Calendar. Alas, that might be what I end up doing.

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This calendar was created by me and shared to others and we can update the calendar as needed. I guess there’s a difference with the automatically created “family” calendar.