iCloud Calendar disappeared

My SharpTools dashboard has been working fine for a year or so now. I have a public (iCloud) calendar in one of the tiles. A couple days ago I noticed that the calendar has been replaced with the error message “Calendar error. Try refreshing the page or check that the calendar is still available”.

Tried refreshing. No change.

Following the SharpTools instructions for how to share an iCloud calendar, I went to iCloud.com and copied the calendar url:

and pasted that into my calendar tile, just in case the url had changed for some reason. When I hit the update button, I get an error saying the url isn’t valid.

I haven’t changed anything in my dashboard for months. Nor have I changed my shared iCloud calendar. It just suddenly went missing.

Has this happened to anyone else? Suggestions appreciated!

I haven’t seen any other reports of this. If you want to send a note to support@sharptools.io with more details, I’d be happy to take a closer look for you.

I have the same issue invalid url

An “Invalid URL” message most commonly means there’s something wrong with the URL or content, so generally I would recommend double checking the source/configuration.

You can find details on how to add various calendar types here:

If that doesn’t help, feel free to provide more details here in the community or you can reach out to support@sharptools.io

thanks for reply I am using the link that I copied from my iCloud calendar page just
like in help section.

I figured it out deleted and redid worked, looks like the holiday calendar is not working taking too long to add.