iCAL URL no longer compatible?

Did something change for users leveraging iCloud for calendars?

My “Family” calendar no longer works - the web states “Error validating the calendar. Try again or try a different iCal compatible URL.”

I moved to Google and the iCloud iCAL URL works there.
I suppose I could take the Google iCAL link and leverage the calendar that way, but thought I’d mention it.

No, but it’s possible that something about the particular iCal feed is causing issues. If you’re comfortable sharing the non-working iCal URL with support, you can send a note to support@sharptools.io and we can take a closer look.

Thank you Josh for the help here.

To finish this…

In iOS, I created a “Family” which created a “Family Calendar”

previously there was a ICAL link for this, but Apple did away with that for “OOTB” calendars.

To get around this new limitation, I had to open Calendars from the iOS device, scroll to the bottom and make “Family” public - and grab the iCAL link from there.

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