I cant show webcam pictures


I would like to be able to show traffic webcam on my dashboard and have found this one:

The link works fine directly in by browser but no as a tile in my dashboard. How can I make this work?

Hi @Christian_Terp welcome to the community. Can you post the link of the camera so we can take a look?

The community automatically converts it to an image when it’s pasted directly into a message. The original image appears to be from:

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Hi @Christian_Terp - what device and browser is this on? It may be related to the image being served over HTTP (instead of HTTPS) and some modern web browsers beginning to block ‘mixed content’ by default.

There’s some more details, including work arounds, noted here:

I have tried it on the newest version on chrome and edge. It all works when I open the link directly in the browser but not on my dashboard. It is Windows 10 Enterprise which I have on my PC

Sounds like the ‘mixed content’ issue. Check out the post I linked above for more details, including workarounds.

I can see that you are right, however, following your workarounds does not help :confused:

Can you share more details? I just tried it on both Chrome (98) and Edge (98) on Windows and it worked as expected.


Thanks for your help - It is working now :slight_smile:

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Hope it’s ok to ask a similar question rather than start a new thread. Any idea how to go about getting webcams from this site to display on my dashboard?

When I copy image address it shows up as … etc etc (very long)

But once it refreshes after 5 mins that link is no longer valid, so it shows a broken image.

The data: is basically the image data. It would need to be an actual image URL that could be refreshed.