Hyperlinks and modal?


is it possible to set modal window location and size on screen? My purpose was to set some of the hyperlinks to open in modal mode at lower part of the portrait mode screen so that my kids can browse too. :slight_smile:

Hi @JiiPee, custom location and size of the modal window is not currently supported, but feel free to create a feature request so others can vote if interested.

My younger kid grabs his stool to check the cameras on my wall mounted tablet every time when he hears the door bell now. :laughing: Kids learn fast.

I wonder if you could use custom css?

I’m not sure if theres a way to target just one link but you could do something like this to fill up the bottom portion of the screen for all modal links

.webpage-modal {
    top: 40vh!important;
    left: 0!important;
    right: 0!important;
    height: 60vh!important;
    width: 100%!important;
.webpage-modal .header { margin-right: 2em; }


That’s pretty cool @Chris_C. Thanks for sharing.

That’s very nice and thank you but I just need it to certain shortcuts. :frowning:

I’m going to continue my topic…sort of related question… :slight_smile:

It’s obvious that some of the webpages does not support modal.

I’m looking for a solution for those hyperlinks that do not work in modal. I’m using dashboard in kiosk mode (browser full screen). Everything happens in dashboard and nobody needs to be touching browser’s native buttons (and frankly I do not want buttons to be visible). Now that I have couple of interesting hyperlinks which do not work in modal I need to open them as “same window” or “new window”.

It means that by choosing “same window” webpage does open but there is no buttons to get back to homepage which is sharptools dashboard. So user needs to disable full screen to get browser buttons back and then press “home” icon (and after that change back to full screen).
If opened in “new window” it opens a new tab and full screen is gone and…

Is there a way to somehow force certain webpage to be used as modal even though it is not supported?
Is there a way to create hyperlink/shortcut to sharptools dashboard which opens a different browser? I could then adjust size of that browser window and it would basically open as modal without anyone messing with sharptools dashboard and full screen mode.
Is there floating buttons or something like that available for windows where buttons would flow in front of everything and then pressing button X would do Y things…?

better ideas…? :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what webpages are they? One of the key things is the site must be HTTPS enabled.

Unfortunately, some sites expressly disallow you from embedding them in other sites - for example many Google sites can’t be embedded directly, but some of them have options of embedding special versions of their site (eg. Google Calendars).

I’ll leave it open to the community to see what other creative workarounds they might have, but that is a really neat idea. I wonder if the Fully Kiosk Developer might be interested in implementing such a feature. They already have a JavaScript interface that we have a few minor hooks into - for example, if you have the Fully JS interface enabled, we add a ‘Set as Start URL’ option to the ... menu on the dashboard list to make it easier to set your start URL.

It would be neat if Fully exposed an option in the JS interface to allow us to open a page as a modal (optionally with a specified size) - maybe something like fully.openModal(url, height, width). Perhaps you could send a note to them requesting it?