Hyperlink set in rules

I currently have some tasker hyperlinks set-up on my dashboards that work great, I am trying to find a way to add the hyperlinks into rules so I can create multiple actions on one tile press.

I use fire tablets as dashboards so Pushbullet and Pushover do not work

I’ve also tried http with the command and this does not work

Is there anyway to send the autotools command with in SharpTools rules?


I think it’s worth taking a moment to discuss how these specially formatted links work compared to a normal hyperlink as that may provide some clarity.

URL Overview

One critical part of this is how URLs work. I’m oversimplifying here a bit to focus on our particular use-case, but there’s lots of resources out there if you’re interested in learning more The part before the :// is called the protocol. so when the browser sees http:// it knows it needs to load a webpage. If it sees mailto: it knows it’s to send an email.

While we are most familiar with the normal ones like http://, your OS can also register other protocol handlers. In the case of Android and iOS, apps can register their own custom protocols like autotoolscommand:// in your case.


For a normal hyperlink like https://google.com, when you click that link your browser opens that URL directly. In other words, your browser is making a GET request to that domain to load the content from it.

For a specially formatted link like autotoolscommand://command, your browser recognizes that the part before the :// and checks to see if there is a handler registered for it. So in the case of autotoolscommand://, your browser is literally handing off the request directly to the AutoTools app to process. In other words, this URL is only valid locally directly on the device.

Why does this matter?

A key point is that http:// requests point to networked resources. And as long as those resources are available on the internet, you could have a SharpTools Rule make a request to that resource as well.

But since the autotools:// URL is effectively just telling your browser to open a local app, that URL is only accessible physically on your device.

So while that URL works in the browser on your device, if you wanted a rule to be able to trigger an action on your device, it would have to be done over the network which is why solutions like Pushbullet and Pushover are so popular.

The ‘AutoApps’ developer also has some tools that can push requests down to your device, but the vast majority of these types of ‘messaging’ apps rely on something called Google Cloud Messaging (now called ‘Firebase Cloud Messaging’) which requires that your device is running Google Play which Fire Tablets don’t have. Amazon built their own messaging type service, but for whatever reason most of the messaging app developers don’t support it.

What can you do?

You would need some way to push a message down to your device. This is well outside the scope of SharpTools itself, so I’m not recommending anything in particular. I’ve seen some people side-load Google Play on their Fire tablets, some people change to devices that natively support Google Play, and others put together more complex solutions to communicate with their devices (for example, I ran AutoTools on my tablets and then made local HTTP requests from my hub to the tablet).


Thanks, just out of curiosity, there’s a great fully Kiosk driver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, could this be configured to pass on the command?

Maybe? :grin:

I would try the loadUrl() command with your autotoolscommand://command URL and see if that works.

I had high hopes this would work, but unfortunately it didn’t, it was definitely worth a try though.