Humidity sensor

I’d like my dashboard to show the relative humidity in my house. Anyone have recommendations for a sensor that will report to a SharpTools tile? In the past I used Wireless Sensor Tags via Smartthings but that no longer seems to work.

I use SmartThings and I have these:

aërQ Temperature and Humidity Sensor I have 3 of these. They are reliable but seem to eat batteries fast.

I have a couple of these… zooz-zse44. They work okay and use less battery.

Thanks. Do they need a special device handler, or just work out of the box?

When I set up my system a few years ago via SmartThings I had to install a device handler but since their move away from Webcore and Groovy I don’t see a way to do that now.

If you go with the Zooz sensor, enable the driver for the zse-44 before you include it.

If you go with the Aeotec, get the driver here:

Remember to install it before you include the device.

I bought an Iris iL07_1 off eBay years ago. It works great and has never gone offline. It also does twm and motion. I use it to control my furnace humidifier