Humidity Reading Not Accurate

Is there a way to see the data that SharpTools is getting from SmartThings?

The Temperature readings are the same, but the humidity readings are way off. SmartThings is showing 52% and SharpTools is showing 41%



Is the 41% value changing? Eg. When it updates in SmartThings, is it updating in SharpTools?

What type of tile is this? A Hero Attribute Tile for a particular thing? If so, I would double check that it’s pointed to the Thing and Attribute that you expect. If you have devices with similar names (or duplicate names across locations), I would triple check that it’s pointed to the right thing.

This is a new device today. (because the humidity reading was showing the wrong % on the other one). The 41% was changing earlier but seems to have settled on 41% now. The tile is a thing tile and it is a Hero.

I reauthorized after adding this device to SmartThings. It showed up in SharpTools afterwards. I created that new tile by adding the thing, then changed it to hero.

This pop up box has the name of the new device.

This is what SmartThings shows for activity…

I have a rule that sets a variable with the humidity from this device and that is showing accurate. 52%

…and my last clue. When I change the secondary attribute from Humidity to Temperature/Humidity, it shows both incorrectly. The correct temperature is shown above it, (36F) so I’m pretty sure it is pointing to the correct thing.

I don’t know where it is getting the 44.7 and 41 from…

CORRECTION… There is a 44.7 and 41 in the SmartThings Screen Shot. It seems it stopped reporting to SharpTools OR SharpTools is not receiving the data.

And you’re certain the value changed after the tile was setup.

By default, there aren’t any event subscriptions setup. When a new device is added to a dashboard, SharpTools sets up the event subscriptions and starts listening for new data. So just after configuring the Hero Attribute with a new device+attribute, it’s possible that it’s out of sync and you would either need to force an update by syncing devices over manually or wait for an event update.

Sending you a PM now…

Yep. I set the device up in the house and watched it change after it was put outside.

Based on our PMs, it sounds like the device is updating now, but if you run into the issue again feel free to send a message to

Thanks Josh! It seems it is working. :smiley: