Humidity isn’t a selection

I use both Aeotec and Inovelli Multisensors. When I go to Change Layout, humidity isn’t a selection. They are available on the SmartThings app. Is there a way to display them?

Is there anything unique about these devices or how they were installed? For example, are they using Edge Drivers that are in beta?

Have you double checked the Device ID you see in SharpTools (User Page > Location > Device > Advanced) with the device ID showing in SmartThings?

Not sure what an Edge driver is. I hadn’t double checked but did now, and yes the Device ID’s are the same. I am currently using the temperature and motion detection portions of these sensors with no issues. I also just added a Zooz Multisensor and It’s no different. Humidity doesn’t appear on the menu of attributes to select from. I am transitioning from Actiontiles and there are no issues with Humidity on any of the sensors. Thank you.

Ron Bendell

Thanks for the additional details.

My apologies as I must have originally missed the nuance here. Humidity won’t show up directly as a layout in the Change Layout picker. You can select the Hero Attribute tile layout and then edit the tile to choose whatever attribute you’d like to display.

Crap, I forgot about how that operates. Sorry…

Ron Bendell

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