Hue, Saturation, Level (HSL) for Hue Scenes/Ambiances

I’ve been searching for hours for a source that would allow me to convert Hue scenes to HSL for use in Rules. For example: The values for “Relax” or “Incandescent”.

If this is a dead end, what about conversion of Hue color names to HSL. For example, “Bisque” or “Cornsilk”?

Any ideas?

@Stan_Silverman sorry I don’t have a hue bulb (yet), but I am wondering if you set the color form Hue, what is the value it reports to Hubitat/SmartThings? ( You can find the values in the user page, tap ‘…’ next to your location and select the hue device.)

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James, you clever devil! Perfect answer.


PS - Here are the values for the Hue scenes I wanted:
Relax = {“hue”: 93, “saturation”: 59,“level”: 100}
Incandescent = {“hue”: 12, “saturation”: 80,“level”: 100}