Hue Light Groups

Hi All
I am new to SharpTools.
Is there a way to enable within Smartthings, groups of Philips Hue lights, rather than appearing as individual lights?
I.E., I want to have a tile in SharpTools that says “Kitchen Lights”, with consists of 4 lights.
Many thanks

Hi @Eli_Salant, welcome to SharpTools and the community!
You can create a Virtual Switch and use Smart Lighting (smart app in the SmartThings mobile) to mirror the behavior of these 4 lights to the Virtual Switch. So you can just add this Virtual Switch to the dashboard and tap it to turn all 4 kitchen lights on or off.

See the post from @Steve_Jackson that he has nailed it. :blush:

Many thanks James, much appreciated.Easy when you know how :slight_smile:
Got all rooms sorted.

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