Hubitat Variable Connector: Putting Into a Tile


I had something setup in a previous dashboard app and I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish the same in SharpTools:

  1. I have a Hubitat variable connector that contains HTML code to format status text. This variable is dynamic and gets updated.

  2. The status text’s HTML (put into the variable connector) parsed into the format I wanted, got dumped into a tile and displayed within the dashboard.

I’d like to accomplish something similar in SharpTools - specifically:

  1. Read the contents of my Hubitat variable connector.
  2. Format it a certain way (bold, font size…etc).
  3. Have it displayed as a tile on my dashboard.

How do I go about doing this? I’ve figured out how to bring in the variable connectors, so we’re good there.


If the connector already has the HTML in it, have you looked at the Hubitat HTML Attribute Custom Tile?

Alternatively, if you just want to pass over the raw status and apply the styling on the SharpTools side, have you looked at using a Hero Attribute tile and applying whatever style conditions you want?

This is helpful, thank you.

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