Hubitat uptime monitoring with Sharptools?

For the second time now my Hubitat decided to hang on me. Not sure why, but the issues is that I am not alerted when this happens.

I wonder if there is a way to use Sharptools to monitor changes from hubitat and alert if nothing has happened for a certain time ?

For example, I monitor temperature with Sharptools, so say, if temp hasn´t changed for 1 hour (or 5), then send a message (Pushbullet, IFTTT, email, whatever). ?

I think we would need variables (or some other way of detecting a lack of change) in order to do this from a SharpTools rule. Tagging @James though. :smiley:

We’ve had a lot of discussion internally about monitoring for the health of connectivity with various connected hubs and it’s something we know needs to get added at some point. I was going to recommend checking out the following thread, but I noticed you already posted in it and mentioned IFTTT’s healthcheck feature which is similar to what I’m thinking of. :slight_smile:

Someone took the concept of Node RED monitoring from that previous thread to another level to monitor the performance of their hub which is pretty cool. If you are into Node RED, it could be a good option.

That basic principles from that project could also be applied elsewhere though. For example, you could ‘ping’ the Hubitat Maker API occasionally to check availability (eg. using Tasker on an Android device… or a Raspberry Pi, or desktop/laptop).


I this case the IFTTT part did not work to alert me of the hub. I will have to check the maker API.

In this case the Hubitat was hung, but it happened after a network outage. Could it be that when I add “reliance” on a web connection with tools like Life 360 and, that when the network goes down the hub ends up filling logs and hangs?

The last time this happened it was due to Life 360 changes, I.e. Removing the app from my mobile only. Restarting the hub and then removing Life 360 from the hub seems,to have solved it that time.

That is an interesting observation. I can’t speak to whether or not one caused the other or if they both just occurred at the same time.

I’ve killed the network several times on my hub over the past few weeks without it crashing (literally disconnecting the network cable while I was working on networking), but my hubs aren’t running a very heavy load right now. I’m running a relatively small set of Zigbee and Z-wave devices, the HE app, and a few simple rules.

If so, it would be a poor design! :stuck_out_tongue: …but I suppose it’s possible that some edge case was missed. While Hubitat heavily markets the hub as a ‘local’ hub, I think they clearly realize that it would be more apt to call it “cloud optional”.

It’s clear that in this day and age, people enjoy cloud integrations like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Life 360, SharpTools, etc so I’m sure they’ve thought through the implications of killing the network… especially considering that Hubitat also has support for a large number of LAN devices - including the Caseta integration that some of the HE core team use.

That being said, it’s possible that there’s something particular going on that causes this issue. Have you asked Hubitat support?

Thanks for your insight. I haven´t reached out to Hubitat support yet. I will have to find a suitable time to do so.

I am sure the Hubitat is built to work during an network outage and perform local tasks, but I think we have seen/heard in some cases that repeated app failures can bring it down. InfluxDB and Grafana seem to cause this and errors in drivers and apps also seem to be able to cause this.

But these are just speculations. I will reach out to Hubitat and see what they think. In any case it has been way better than my old Vera Edge :wink:

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