Hubitat Unauthorized Error sending event

Anyone seeing issues with Hubitat and integrations since upgrading Hubitat to`

I have some devices responding extremely slowly, and I see some errors in the logs.

Have you tried rebooting the hub, the waiting several minutes for things to calm back down and then try again? Sometimes a reboot can do wonders for a Hubitat hub.

The first entry in the log is the receipt of a new API Key on the Hub which would explain the three events within milliseconds after that not getting posted over successfully. Had you just reauthorized SharpTools before opening up the logs?

No, but I did add a new device to the contact sensors list, which I imagine must be the rekey trigger.

Thanks for the followup the other day. My sharpytools integrations seems to fail a lot recently when sending commands to hubitat. Anyone else complaining?

No, we aren’t seeing other complaints about this. I’m personally using Hubitat within my home and haven’t noticed any issues with my hub or our demo hubs.

If you want to shoot a note to, we would be happy to take a closer look with you.

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