Hubitat Things Update Time to Android App


What’s up, bro-seph? To I just added a couple of those Peanut Zigbee outlets (Super good deal, and they can handle a LOT of current!) to Hubitat a few weeks ago and finally figured out why my Hubitat Hub add unable to see a network. So I went to, added them, and there they are. However, no dice for them appearing in the Android App’s list of things.

Is there a step I’m missing, or is there some latency with new Things making their way through the system?


Thanks for the message, Pete. The SharpTools for Android app, which is used for Tasker integration and widgets, currently only supports SmartThings. The web dashboard and Rule Engine supports both SmartThings and Hubitat. We’ve considered updating the Android app to support the broader set of connections through the platform at some point, but it’s not currently on the short list as we’ve had more interest in dashboards and Rule Engine. :slight_smile:

What are you hoping to accomplish with having Hubitat accessible via the SharpTools for Android app?

View and Control Devices

If the goal is being able to view and control devices, I would recommend using the Add to Homescreen approach for the dashboard which provides a nice app-like interface into the dashboard.

Tasker Integration

If the goal is to integrate Hubitat with Tasker, you might consider using the Hubitat’s built-in Maker API app which provides a set of HTTP endpoints that can be used for querying device status and controlling devices. You can pair that up with HTTP calls directly in Tasker.

Cool, ok, so I’m not going crazy. I def want the local control, but also need cloud based access as well. And by ‘need’, I’m talking a serious need to be able to tempeh turn on a camera in the glass to watch my dog, Savannah sleep during the day. I want cake and I wanna eat it too. What else are you going to do with it? The cake… Nevermind.

I guess the goal for me is centered on a desire and need for whenever I’m using any of the devices I’m putting on the Hubitat (All Zigbee and Z-Wave minus my Locks) remotely using the Cloud, I wanted it going through Sharptools for two reasons:

I like Tasker… No, I’ll be honest here, I think I have an what’s referred to as an “unhealthy codependency-based” relationship with Tasker, and will spend literally hours on a single profile that is either already covered by another one, or really sumthin that shouldn’t be a priority to anyone. So back to your question, yes, I was looking to use all them Gucci Tasker capabilities through SharpTools (in the same manner as SmartThings) to make Hubitat better , but to an only slightly lesser extent, a secondary goal of staying the hell away from whatever the hell that Hubitat cloud UI is. The way they have things configured and invented their own special world, a world where pushing an Up arrow results in downward movement… sometimes, and where the trying to use any concepts even remotely “intuative” can apparently get you prison time, cause they seem to avoid it. Trying to create a single time big button dashboard is enough to make me want to bludgeon baby seals, and Josh, I like baby seals, they smell like… They smell, but they sure are cute!!!

Again, I want it all, like that one fat kid from 5th grade, I want to not just have the cake and then eat the cake, I want to rob the cake of it’s freedom and then destroy the cake’s soul.

I get nervous around phrases like “API endpoints”, and the such. I once tried my hand at API and DB stuff on AWS, cause it was free… Sorta. I don’t know what I did, how I did it, or if they’re was even any value to it, but I burped a little blood one morning when I opened an AWS billing email telling me I’d gone beyond the free tier that was supposed to get me hooked, and did so to the tune of $800. In the ensuing panic and attempt to hide this from the very evil robot who had sent it to me, I immediately found the words “Delete Account” anywhere I could on AWS, and just mashed the keyboard until they’re dead nothing left on the screen. So whatever it was, the the sand in the hourglass, these are the days of our lives, which will not include any knowledge of that I did to spend $1,000 on nothing. Ya Benet know, that could have been the cyberbox of toothpicks to my Rainman! Luckily I was able to play hard ball and leverage the fact that 99.1% of all household purchases is done so with Amazon, and Tunney forgave me off my sins. That Jeff Bezos sure is a nice fella!

Anyway, got off track AGAIN. I’m going to give that icon dealy a try. I actually did that once with a Flight Tracking Website, didn’t know I did it, and layed down a pretty good argument that it was in fact an app, when someone tried to inform me of what it actually was.

And that’s what I bring to the table. Ńot much with programming or coding, can barely read, and have you limited at my profile picture? But if you want to know about civil aviation, that is where i thrive. Open source flight tracking is a specialty as well.

Thanks again Josh, you guys rock!!!



Glad to have you here, Pete. You are quite the character! :smile:

The Hubitat Maker API stuff isn’t as bad as it seems, but I totally understand wanting to have it done through an interface rather than having to deal with HTTP endpoints! If you decide you want to go down that path, I’m happy to share more thoughts on the approach.

In the mean-time, hopefully adding to your homescreen at least helps with the ability to view and control your Hubitat connected devices!

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