Hubitat Scenes - Out of sync

I was setting up some scenes in Hubitat for some outside lights. One scene for full brightness and another scene for a dimmer version.

I find that when I activate a scene, hubitat sets the properties correctly, however these updated properties are never reflected in Sharptools.

If this a known limitation of Sharptools\Hubitat integration?

Can you share more details about what’s out of sync and/or how you have things configured? Are the individual devices that are being controlled by the Scene not updating as expected in SharpTools?

In the screenshot “Garage Lights” is a scene that sets the two individual garage lights (Garage 1 and Garage 2) to On and 100% brightness.
As you can see from the screenshot the scene is set to On, Sharptools shows Garage 1 and Garage 2 as off but Hubitat shows Garage 1 as On (as I expect).
It seems to be quite inconsistent though and works as expected a significant majority of the time.
I have a bit more work to be done reconfiguring so I will let you know if I have any more insight.

Thanks for the update and the screenshot. I’m not aware of any known issue with Scenes and the updates they make to devices not trickling through to SharpTools.

The Scene’s control of a device should be much like a normal command to a device, so there isn’t anything special about the device status update from a SharpTools perspective. If you are seeing the expected device status in Hubitat, I would expect that to have trickled through to SharpTools as well. Might be helpful to watch the logs while activating the Scene to see if there are any clues when the status update fails.

Might also help to check the Events section of the device details screen to make sure the ‘on’ event is being created in addition to the devices state being updated as SharpTools relies on the events for real-time updates.

HI Josh, just wanted to close the loop and perhaps someone else will find this thread useful.
From my added reading on scenes my understanding is that the On\Off switch associated with a scene really should not be considered a normal switch.
Scenes can be turned On (activated), but they can’t be turned Off in the normal sense. So, placing a switch which represents a scene onto a dashboard, does not give you the control that you might think that it does.

In reality the tile should indicate when the scene is active and if it is not active then clicking the tile would make it active. Clicking on an already active scene tile would\should do nothing. Is there a simple way to implement this functionality?

Have you tried the ‘Ignore activate switch off’ setting in the Scene?


From my testing, when that setting is flagged on, the push() command will only activate the scene (and not deactivate it) and the switch off() command will not deactivate the scene.

From there if you wanted the tile to always trigger the scene, you could setup a SharpTools rule to run the associated command on the Scene virtual device (eg. push() or on()) and then add that rule directly to your dashboard as a Rule Tile.