Hubitat Safety Monitor tiles

So I have the Hubitat™ Safety Monitor working, and the tiles in SharpTools work for dismissal, arming, disarming.

That being said, the tiles dont change color, or make any indication that its armed, or there are any alerts.

Is this something that will be fixed?

I saw another thread where it showed the tiles working, but mine does not do that.

Hubitat Elevation™ Platform Version

Do you have colors applied to your HSM tiles? By default, the tiles don’t have any color applied to them. As shown in the GIF in that thread, I modified the dashboard settings to apply a color scheme to all the tiles in the dashboard which enables the HSM tile highlighting:

I checked each tile, but did not change any colors as they looked to have the default colors already in there… Didnt work… I changed one tiles colors, and now everything looks like its working…

The only thing NOT working now is it doesnt show any sort of alert colors… I get a text from hubitat on my phone, but would be nice if the cancel alert button changed color if there was active alerts…??

Thank you for the quick reponse too!

Sounds like a good feature suggestion / enhancement. From what I can tell from reading the HSM API docs, it looks like there is an hsmAlert event which we could use to track alerts. I’ll add it to the list. :slight_smile:

Great!!! Would be awesome if the “cancel alerts” tile was “active” when the HSM is in ALERT mode!

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Any update on this? For instance, when HSM alert is active due to a security breach, how can we make a tile bright red so that it is obvious to the user?

It’s still on the list, but it hasn’t had a lot of interest from the community. We’ve prioritized a few bigger feature updates as well as requests that have been in higher demand with the community. :smiley:

One of the key drivers for what we work on is the level of interest for the community, so adding your comments and feedback is a good way to help us gauge the level of interest!

I’m not sure why this particular feature hasn’t had as high of an interest level… there are a few different approaches that could be used today to achieve this (eg. virtual devices), so perhaps some people are just using that approach for now.

For example, you could use the Virtual Values driver along with Hubitat’s Rule Machine as a proxy for the HSM alert. Maybe have the switch state indicate if an alarm is active and could even use the number to indicate the severity or text to indicate the type of alarm.

Here’s an example post on the Hubitat community where the driver is used to display a Hubitat Rule Machine global variable. The same concepts could be applied here too:

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