Hubitat not responding to commands (resolved with reboot)

In the past couple days when I press my tiles for turning on and off lights there is no response. I have all hue lights and 1 Innovelli light. None are responding to my press. I am using Hubitat.
My contact sensors are responding correctly. It’s just the lights.

Can you please clarify what “no response” means? Are you seeing the spinning icon in the bottom-left corner of the tile when you tap on it? What about the green success toast messages (assuming you haven’t hid them with custom CSS)?

It would be helpful to see a recording of what you’re experiencing and more details about the type of browser/tablet you’re experiencing the issue on.

Are you able to get things working again? If so, how?

The buttons/tiles light up but nothing happens. So for example I press a floor lamp tile, the tile lights up but the lamp does not turn on

I get a red error on sending command from my iPad tablet using safari. I have a Digiland tablet for display that is using chrome. Ive never had any problems with any of my various tablets until now. I did see one maker api flash also

The light bulb tiles are now working again. When axing google home to turn on or off lights the last few days google home would turn off or on the lights but then also say I can’t reach hubitat right now. Well that was the same problem with the lights tiles on my Sharptools not responding.
After being directed to a different suggestion in hubitat community the suggestion was to reboot the hubitat hub. That brought everything back between google home, hubitat and also Sharptools.
Hopefully this will be stable now, thanks for your help.

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