Hubitat Hue Light Control

Hi All, I’m thinking of getting / moving to Hubitat due to SmartThings pulling the plug on EchoSpeaks. I’m just wondering if it is possible to control Hue color groups in Hubitat? Currently I use virtual switches to control multiple lights but have no color control. It would be nice to have color control for multiple lights with one switch, similar to the Hue app. Cheers!

Yes. I moved from st to he and don’t regret it. I use the community made driver called CoCoHue. It’s fantastic and allows for color group controlling. You can even import hue scenes fm through it.

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From what I recall, even the built-in ‘Hue Bridge Integration’ on Hubitat has support for Hue Groups:


I believe so but wasn’t positive so did not want to shove foot in mouth hehe

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Thanks guys, just ordered a new Hubitat Evolution Hub. :slight_smile:

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There’s a stock HE Groups and Scenes app also that works. It even works with fading transitioning from one scene to another, like Red to White :slight_smile:

Wait for reals? How would you set that up?

Have you seen this page before?

I used that same instruction to create Scenes like below. I then create Scene Transition between those Scenes over so many minutes. It will create buttons/switches for you that you can trigger with webCoRE or RM, whichever is your weapon of choice lol.

I named mine a with the Color and Level and Location. The Scene Transition I put the number of minutes, just to keep my sanity when I’m troubleshooting. You can figure it out just by the naming.


I have not. But I appreciate you sharing!