Hubitat - Harmony child switches not showing up in Sharptool


I am using Hubitat to connect my Harmony hub with it. I have successfully connected Harmony hub with Hubitat using a below custom driver

and child switches using

When I connect my Hubitat with Sharptools, I can not see child device switches (Turn Up/Down Volume, Previous Chanel, Next Chanel, etc) created by the above customer drivers in Sharptools when I authorized my devices. I am not sure whether the above child switches and drivers are using any Actuator or Sensor?

Could you please help me out on how to authorize the above devices in Sharptools?

Many thanks in advance


The child switch driver looks like it has several capabilities that are supported by SharpTools, including the core Switch capability, so you shouldn’t need any special tricks to authorize these.

If you already have devices authorized, you would just need to make sure to authorize these new devices.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see under the ‘Which Switches?’ section when you try to authorize the Harmony child switches? As well as a screenshot of a relevant Harmony child switch in Hubitat?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your response.

Sorry, but my Hubitat hub suddenly stopped working :cry: I have initiated a replacement request to Hubitat. I will send you the screenshot when I receive a new hub from Hubitat.


Hi Josh,

Hubitat replaced my hub and I have integrated it again with Harmony Hub but still receiving the same issues, Child switches are not showing while authorizing the devices.

Please, review the screenshot below for what I can see under ‘which Switches’

I am only able to see the activities I have created on Harmony hub but not the child switches created on Hubitat.

Also, the below screenshot shows the child switches created by the community driver.

Please, let me know if you need any further information.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Josh,

Thanks for your help but I figured out the solution.

Actually, the child devices are not a device its a commands for the virtual device. I can access different commands from the Sharptools rules module.

Let me know if I am wrong.

Thanks for the help