Hubitat - Error Sending Event

I’ve started having a few issues with the link between Hubitat and SharpTools.

The first issue was a few days ago. A Hubitat Variable with connector, that’s a ‘thing’ in SharpTools, did not update. The variable is used for on dashboard notifications and is triggered by multiple Hubitat RM rules. I could see from the logs that all of the rules worked correctly in Hubitat and the string variable changed from ‘null’ to show the event time and text as it should. However the dashboard did not update and looking at the logs it highlighted something about ‘no network connection’ (although everything was up and running at my end)

Today I’ve started seeing these messages appear in the Hubitat logs:

Any ideas? For reference Hubitat is running (beta). I saw there were some previous issues with a beta but they pre date the .118 release I believe.