Hubitat device selected check marks missing

For a few weeks now I have been experiencing an issue with my Hubitat connection. When I go through the steps to authorize devices I only get grey boxes, no check marks. When I check the app in Hubitat I see all of the check boxes just fine. So I have been managing the devices in the Hubitat app and that seems to work fine but thought I would mention here just in case I have something setup wrong.

Interesting. Do you remember around which hub software version this started happening?

It seems to be a hub-wide issue as I’m seeing it with other platforms that use the same authorization approach (eg. Google Home, IFTTT, etc). I’ll report it to the Hubitat team so they are aware. :slight_smile:

Sorry. It was about a month ago and I do update relatively routinely.

It looks like Hubitat software version 2.2.9 has been released which should resolve the issue with checkboxes during reauthorization: