Hubitat Device Attribute custom tile, 2nd Hubitat Location

You wont need this unless you have another hub at another location. Otherwise you would just do an Add Thing to your dashboard, no need for custom tiles. But if you do have a 2nd Hubitat on a different LAN you can use this custom tile to get some tiles up from it with limited functionality. Will need Maker API installed on your hub with cloud URLs enabled. See the ReadMe from github link.

After adding tile in tile editor you can set the style, label, font size, units, and decimal places. There’s no state style changes available. Will work for temperature, switches, contacts, humidity, motion, etc… Its a read only tile, switches wont have input.


Copy the HubitatDeviceAttribute HTML to the custom tile editor, save it. Add the custom tile.

This is a work around for a 2nd Hubitat location with limited functionality.


Hubitat Device Attribute Custom Tile HTML Import Link:


Opens in Custom Tile editor, then hit save.