Hubitat Weather Tile Night Icons

Well I finally got around to updating my old APIXU weather tile since the driver no longer works with Hubitat. The new DarkSky API seems to be working well with one exception…Regardless of the time of day it shows a sun icon instead of the moon when it was after sunset. I know there was a fix for this on the old driver…am I overlooking an obvious setting somewhere? Notice the screenshot below and the time…Here in New York we don’t often see the sun past 9:48pm lol. Thanks!


What version of the Dark Sky driver do you have installed? I’m still running the Dark Sky 1.2.4 driver and it reports the icons with the night variants as expected.


What is the forecastIcon or weatherIcon currently reporting in Hubitat for that device?

I’m running v1.2.8

Current States:
city : Horseheads, NY
condition_code : nt_mostlycloudy
condition_text : Mostly Cloudy
condition_icon_only : 29.png
condition_icon_url :
forecastIcon : fog

The condition_code looks fine, but the forecast icon is missing the nt_ prefix. Have you tried 1.2.4 as linked above?

I don’t see an archive anywhere of older releases.

It’s the link in my original post:

Well I feel silly. I swapped it out but it appears that the old driver is stuck in the Hubitat cache…I’ll try rebooting it and see if that doesn’t make any difference. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

Well it worked! But…I’m not sure now if it was the rolled back driver or the fact that I turned on “Display attributes required by”


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Yeah, it could have been that the forecastIcon value that you had in your driver was a stale value if the preference wasn’t enabled.

You’ll definitely want the SharpTools preference enabled in the Dark Sky driver to get all the relevant attributes reporting. :smiley:

Is there both a forecastIcon and weatherIcon attribute being reported now? Each prefixed with nt_ during the evening?

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Yup…I have both attributes now showing in the current states dialog. Issue Resolved. thanks Josh!

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