Hubitat C8 Pro Update from normal C8

I have been using Hubitat for a few years now and using Hubitat just over a year. I just got the C8 Pro and was wondering if anything has to be done to migrate my dashboard to that platform. I ask because I think I had some issues the last time I did a migration to new hardware with Sharpthings and had to wait until they had a process to fix it.

Hi @Chadman - check out the following help article. There’s a migration tool available for when you migrate between Hubitat hubs:

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Ok great! I used that last time, but was not sure it the same method would work for the newer model.

Just did the update and all good! Chad

I just completed my migration from my C8 to my C8 PRO. How do I remove the old C8 from Sharptools. I already removed it from my registered hubs with Hubitat?

From the article linked above:

Also note that if you want to disconnect the old Hubitat location from your SharpTools account, you would need to do so while it is still authorized and active, but please wait to complete the aforementioned SharpTools migration before disconnecting the old location.

If you’ve already completed the migration process and you’d like to delete your previous Hubitat location from SharpTools, you can temporarily power up the old hub and reauthorize it so you can then disconnect it or you can reach out to support with the Doc ID of the old hub and we can delete it for you.

Since you already removed it from your registered hubs, you can reach out to support with the doc ID of the hub and we can take care of it for you.

ok thanks I will email that now.