Hubitat c8 migration

I just migrated to my new c8 from a c7 and sharptools doesn’t seem to be working. I went into the app and I clicked done, but I see this in the hubitat logs: Error sending event to status code: 401, reason phrase: Unauthorized

I went into sharptools authorizations, and it shows 2 hubs authorized. Is there any way to get this working without having to re-do everything?

Hi Greg-
We’ve had a few questions about this, so I put together a help article here:

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Gotcha- thanks for looking into it!

Just migrated, confused with authorizing. Upon authorizing, its only picking certain devices and not everything. Do i need to reauthorize everything? Or can i later and it will migrate them over at that time?

Can you clarify what you mean? What’s missing?

Hubitat’s own migration tool should migrate the device selections over to the new hub, so when you proceed through the authorization flow starting from your User Page > Manage Connections, it should be the same list of devices selected.

One nuance to that is the ‘extra’ devices are only available directly from within the ‘app’ settings on the hub itself, so you may need to complete the authorization starting from your SharpTools User Page and then after that synchronization is complete, double check that those extra devices came across and if not, you can edit the ‘app’ settings directly on the hub where you can see the ‘extra’ pages.