HTTPS Media Tile Refresh after Server IP Change

I’ve read some similar/older posts on this topic, and I’m not sure where things are today.

Issue: HTTPS Media Tiles to Video Streams were not refreshing after my Server/Modem IP Changed.

Had to upgrade our Broadband Modem today, resulting in a new Public IP being issued by the ISP.

Changed the IP in my DNS and things were basically working on my end, while connected to Broadband on my Computer.

However, switching to LTE on my phone, the HTTPS Media Tiles were blank. Tried pulling down/refreshing the Dashboard many times, but the images would not display. Guessing it’s a browser/cache issue.

It wasn’t until I exited the Dashboard, when Home, Selected Dashboards, then chose the same Dashboard again. Then the HTTPS Media Tiles lit right up.

Is there something I can do within the Dashboard or Media Tile to force the Dashboard to update for everyone (rather than having the user do the Home/Dashboard/Re-select above) ?

I see there is the Auto Refresh option within Media Tile, but thought I read it’s not a good idea to refresh every 5 seconds or so. I’m hoping there is a command or switch I can add to the Media Tile URL to force it to bypass the cache each time it loads.

Hey John, just a question but when you upgraded your modem, and connected everything did you set your ip cameras to have a static ip address so that whenever they connect they have the same ip or are they wired cameras? And what browser are you using? As i find chrome has recently updated and they are blocking some media streams