How would you do this? Dynamic link in navigation

I have multiple tablets, and each of them has a different “home” screen, but the links on the left are the same across tablets, and each links to a dashboard:

So, when I click on “Lights”, it takes me to this dash:

However, on the Lights page, the “Home” tile goes back to the original dashboard for Tablet 1. When I click on that from Tablet 2, I want it to go to Tablet 2’s “Home” page. Is there a way to dynamically call that? Otherwise, to use the Nav’s, I think I have to create individual dashboards for every Tablet, and then update each of them when anything changes, which is not really scalable.

Using ST in Fully, if that matters.

Thanks for the help!

@Randy_Rands, what are the difference between Tablet 1 and Tablet 2s’ home pages? Do you have two different home pages to server different purpose (different page content) or to fit to different tablet size (dashboard layout)?

@Randy_Rands I think that the easiest option is to set on the Fully that automatically returns to the “home” page of each tablet, so you won’t need to press anything and just wait an X number of seconds and the browser will return to the designated dashboard…

The other option could just create a “Back” button that will return directly to the previously used dashboard (that will refresh quite fast) but was the “issue” that if you select a couple of dashboards (go first to the Lights dashboard and later to the Rooms, and press the back… you will be redirected to the Lights… not the Home…

I hope that could help :slight_smile:


Thank you, @AVF - I really want to keep it more dynamic - the timeout takes quite a while to load the pages, so making that frequent really impacts the experience.

Does ST support variables? i.e. could a set a variable to the desired home page per-device & have the tile reference that variable?

@James: The tablets are identical, but the home pages are room specific (i.e. Kitchen -vs- Front Door -vs- Master BR)

@Randy_Rands, SharpTools do support Custom Variables, but they are global across the platform, not specific to a device, so they won’t help in this case. I have the similar setup for my kitchen and main lobby dashboards where they have their own “home” page, but each of the sub-dashboards, like Security, Sensor Batteries, All Lights, only have a huge “Back” button to navigate back to previous dashboard, because I only use the “home” dashboard on either tablet most of the time so this allows me to go to a sub-dashboard when I need to and quickly navigate back. I understand this is different than what you have asked for, but just to share a thought.