How would I handle this if statement in Sharptools


Not sure if I would use the advanced operator “Stays” in place of “switch is not”. Any help is appreciated.

The middle “any” statement is really the trigger. So move that to the Trigger section. Then do an IF in the Flow IF’ing the other two with an AND.

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Simple. Thanks for the suggestion.

Turns out that it doesn’t matter… this was a TTY script and Sharptools can’t handle internal IP addresses. Oh well.

SmartThings SmartApps dropped support for sending local HTTP requests. In a similar vein, SmartThings devices dropped support for sending cloud HTTP requests.

Devices retain the ability to send local HTTP requests though, so a common approach is to use a driver like the Web Requestor Driver to send LAN requests from a SharpTools rule.

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Yeah I found that after my last post this morning. I’ve installed it but haven’t started tinkering with it. Thanks for the info.

Is the only Web Requestor Drive integration with Sharptools in beta and if so, what would be the timeframe it will be pushed to live?

The web requestor driver is a device like any other. So I’m assuming you’re not seeing the device in Sharptools? In that case you need to go into your user account, manage connections and run the Smartthings connection again to sync.

Otherwise I’m not sure what you mean…

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I had run the sync yesterday but it was before I added Web Requestor so it didn’t occur to me. Thanks.

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I believe I have one last question to get my migration of this script done… Is there any way to change the status of a simulated contact switch in a Sharptools rule? Right now my only option is to ‘ping’. I need to be able to close the contact switch.

Looks like you can test for the current status of a simulated contact switch but can’t change to open/close. I get it, I mean a contact sensor is either opened or close but since this is a simulated sensor I would think I could work with it.

Is there a reason you’re using a contact switch and not a regular switch? That will be easier I guess.
I haven’t used virtual contact switches, so I don’t know what their capabilities are. You can probably change the status of the virtual contact in Smartthings itself only.

To be honest, I’m just trying to migrate the script from Webcore, I’d have to really dig back into it to figure out if I could switch it to a regular switch. Looking at another Sharptools rule I have, it appears you used to be able to manipulate simulated contact switches. The current action says: “execute command open”, however if I try to edit the action, the drop down only has one option, “ping”. I’m wondering if something has changed in Sharptools to take away this ability?

Was the old switch groovy?
I’m just guessing, but with the transition some capabilities changed or may no longer be available.

Maybe try a different virtual device generator, like virtual hub and see if that allows the change?

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What ^^ said. Judging by the name alone, that sounds like a Groovy device. If it is, at this point you ought to convert to an Edge virtual. I use TAustin’s virtuals, which work well. There is a thread in the SmartThings forum to join that Driver.

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Thank you. Got the new virtual contact sensor.

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