How to use "unless" in rules?

Kinda new user to SharpTools, I have a very basic dashboard set up, and have just recently started playing with rules, so I can migrate my rule set from SmartThings to SharpTools.

Right now, I have a rule in SharpTools that says “if sensor temp < x, turn on device.” Then there is an “automation” in the samsung smartthings world that says “turn off device at 10:00 am”. (because i have yet to migrate it over to ST.)

What I want the rule to say is “if temp < x, turn on device. Turn off device at 10am UNLESS it is still temp < x, then remain on.”

Is there a way to do that in ST Rules?

Hi @Aaron_Taylor, how about adding a timer trigger at 10 am everyday in the same rule and use if-condition as the first activity in the Flow to check if the temp is less than x, then turn on device, else turn off device.
So this rule will be triggered when the temp is less than x (as you already configured) or everyday at 10am.l, and turn on/off device based on if temp is less than x.

it would be a lot nicer to see this in a single rule… instead of having to hunt down 2 or more rules when troubleshooting or trying to tweak settings… maybe you can make a view that shows all rules that apply to the selected thing. If I select a switch, show all rules that apply to it. If I select a temp sensor, show all rules that are using it as a condition, etc.

Sorry I was away from my laptop yesterday and didn’t attach a screenshot of the rule. I meant to add the additional timer trigger in the same rule. See the screenshot for the rule example that it’d be trigger when either temp is < x and everyday at 10am, and turn on/off the device based on the current temp in the if_condition.