How to start Roon app from Sharptools dashboard?

I have on my android tablet fully kiosk and roon client app.
Is there any way to launch (create a button?) the Roon client app from the Sharptools dashboard or integrate it?

Can I integrate/use this extension? Would it work with Sharptools?

Sorry, there is the newest one:

The following article includes details on how to use a Hyperlink Tile to open an app. The article has some links showing how you can use Fully Kiosk Browser to find the intent for any app.

You could use it with a Hyperlink compatible tile (Hyperlink Tile, Media Tile, Variable Tile). You could either open it in a new/same window or if you host the Room Web Controller with an SSL certificate, you could use the Open in Modal option for hyperlinks.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply.

They use for Spotify:

Spotify has internet side

Does it mean that if Roon has internet address I should use link analogue to Spotify?

And I would be able to launch Roon client android app from Sharptools in Fully kiosk if I create the Hyperlink using the intent format as described?

  1. Open Fully Kiosk Browser , slide out the left navigation and select Settings
  2. Under the Web Content category, switch Open URL Schemes in other apps on
  3. Under the Universal Launcher category tap Select Items to Show
  4. Use the Add Application button at the bottom of the screen to select the apps you want to run
  5. Once you have the apps added in the list, tap the pencil next to each one and make note of the App component
    Note : the format looks like the following:
  1. In create the Hyperlink using the intent format, making sure to replace <App Component> with the details from step 5 above:
intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=<App Component>;end

So following the above instructions, we’d find the final URL to be:


@Serge, the intent and URL scheme can be slightly differently depending on how they were specified by the app developer, and you should get the exact URL for Roon app from the step 3-5 in Fully Kiosk, and create Hyperlink resource using this URL.

And yes, cnce this Hyperlink resource is added to the dashboard as a tile, you can tap it to open Roon app from the dashboard if you are using Fully Kiosk browser to show the dashboard.

thanks again for the detailed and quick answer. it works!!!

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