How to Set WHITE color for Light or Virtual Light

Hi, I wonder if I am missing something but I cannot pick white color to set it up, color rule does not consider white color, why is that so?. I am asking in order to light an icon with different color depending of status or conditions, like location mode or alarm status…Thanks

Hi @Carlos_Juarez, you could set the color temperature to turn the light to white. (You may want to check the color temperature range that your bulb supports first.) See screenshot below.

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@James if I remember correctly, the second slider in Carlos’s screenshot is the saturation value, so he could slide that all the way to the left to turn the light white.

The UI on that certainly could use some improvement though. On that point, there’s a feature request out to improve the color picker in the Rule Engine - be sure to cast a vote on it if you’re interested, @Carlos_Juarez :slight_smile:


Thanks my friends, your support rocks !..
Yeah…since I have been testing with virtual lights in order to set color on them depending on different stuff status (more than only Default-Active), like Alarm Status, or Location Mode, or fan speed, etc, I created some virtual color bulbs (to simulate device button and light it on with different color depending of its status), but I cannot find “temperature range” option to set , so I tried exactly what Josh is talking about taking saturation slide until left side, so thats gave me a white color for the virtual device, I will check the feature to vote it. Thanks !!!