How to run microsoft app from tile?

How to run windows 10 app from tile?
I would like to run a windows application with one of the tiles:

In “irule” it was possible to run android apps but under control windows 10 OS and Sharptools dashboard tile I don`t know how to do it.

That’s a great question. As far as I’m aware, with native web technology, there’s no way to open an arbitrary Windows app.

That being said, Windows has support for registerable app protocols. So you might be able to use a hyperlink tile with something like mailto: or news: to open the relevant app if one is registered.

From my experience, app protocols aren’t used as much on Windows as they are on other platforms like Android or iOS. You might try emailing the app developer to see if they have an app protocol registered.

You can find more details on how to open Android or iOS apps here.

The following article on registering your own App Protocols on Windows might be helpful to you:

And for other people who find this via search, here are some URIs which launch several built in Windows 10 apps:

URI Scheme Launches
bingmaps:, ms-drive-to:, and ms-walk-to: Maps app
http: Default web browser
mailto: Default email app
ms-call: Call app
ms-chat: Messaging app
ms-people: People app
ms-photos: Photos app
ms-settings: Settings app
ms-store: Store app
ms-tonepicker: Tone picker
ms-yellowpage: Nearby Numbers app

Some of the URI schemes accept parameters. For example, you can launch the Windows Store app directly to the Squeeze Control app listing:


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I was afraid of that.

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That’s what I know, but all what we can to do is actually click “launch”. in the store

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