How to remove ST and, how to add HE

Hi everyone!
After 5 years with SmartThings, I just recently moved over to Hubitat Elevation.

I’ve been reading a few of the posts about how to remove ST from SharpTools, buy selecting Deny with in the ST connection page. I have done that but I still see ST listed (ST hub’s name is, Home Classic) in the SharpTools > Settings Locations. How am I able to totally remove ST listing from ShaerTools app?

I have also read to in order to get HE working in SharpTools, to add devices in small batches. I first tried adding just 3 devices, but no luck, so I just tried to add 1 but still no luck.

On my computer using the SharpTools web app, I can see HE listed in Manage Connections > Select Platform. But HE in not listed on my Android phone app SharpTools > Settings Locations. Even if I go into Setting > Authorize Things, all I get is the log on screen to ST.

Any information on how to remove ST, and how to add HE would be great.


Here is what I see on my computer app…

Here is what I see in the SharpTools Android mobile app…

Thanks for posting! The SharpTools for Android app, which provides Tasker and Widgets integration, only support Samsung SmartThings at the moment. We’d like to bring support for other hubs like Hubitat at some point in the future, but have focused our efforts on highly requested features for the dashboards and Rule Engine.

If you’d like Tasker integration or widgets with Hubitat, the suggested approach at the moment would be to use the Hubitat Maker API along with Tasker HTTP actions.

Keep in mind that does support Hubitat and you can use the dashboards for viewing and controlling your Hubitat devices or the Rule Engine for building automations.

Note that once you’ve authorized Hubitat in, you can view details of what devices are authorized by tapping the ... next to your Hub name under the Authorized Locations section of your user page (from your first screenshot above)

@josh Thank you very much for that info!
I’m still very new to HE and will have to take a look at Hubitat Maker API. I was also able to see the list of all my “Things” that I added from my HE hub.

Thank you again!

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