How to make light dim when another light is dimmed

Im trying to copy dimming messages from Hue lamp to wiz bulp.

How are you controlling the Hue lamp? And what type of Hue integration are you using with SmartThings?

The SmartThings cloud-to-cloud integration with Hue relies on polling, so SmartThings won’t see events when Hue lights are controlled from outside of SmartThings (or SmartThings connected integrations) until the next time it polls.

I’m controllling hue with Hue dimmer switch. I guess it’s cloud to cloud integration. Is there any other option?

Other question:
I have set up scenes triggered by time event with virtual switch. Is it possible to get bulps check up active scene as soon as they go online?

There was a LAN integration for Hue at one point, but I can’t speak to its availability. Perhaps someone else here uses Hue with SmartThings and has insights - otherwise you could ask in the SmartThings community.

I’m not sure what this means. Reacting to online/offline events isn’t available, but some people have used workarounds to track offline status of critical devices.