How to Make Clock Text Larger


I have created a simple display for the Lounge.

The Time top right of Dashboard and is not utilising the space well and has a lot of dead space.

I cannot find the way to increase or even change the font?

@Michael_Horton, you can use the Custom CSS feature within the Theme Editor to adjust clock’s font size.

.tile.clock .time { font-size: 1.8em; } .date { font-size: 2em; }

@kampto also puts together a WIKI CSS post below which has the CSS style scripts contributed by other community users.

AWESOME!!! Thanks had to set an 8em to get to the right size

How do I make the day of the week name larger and centered?

You could use a Super Tile to build a ‘clock’ tile with date and time information in whatever format you’d like. This gives you full control over the positioning, content, and sizing of items.

There’s even a ‘Custom’ format at the bottom of the Date/Time Format list where you can manually enter your desired format.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I probably should have thought of that myself since I am using several super tiles already. As a general question, is there an easy way to see the field names and values from inside a super tile? For example, if i wanted to select the Style based on the day of the week or month.

I don’t understand the question.

Super Tile styles can be configured based on the Variable and Thing values associated with that particular Super Tile, but they can’t be configured based on date/time values.

As an example… Is it possible to have the Style switch from “ClockStyleAM” to “ClockStylePM”? Would I have to use a “Rule” to set a variable that I can test in the Style selection?

No, you can’t use date/time values for styles, as mentioned above.

You can use Variable and Thing values that are included within your Super Tile for styling, so in theory, you could create an $isMorning variable and flip it true/false based on the time of the day. It would need to be included within your Super Tile, but I suppose you could either drag it visibly off the Super Tile partially or bind it to an icon as blank.

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