How to inject variables into an input argument

I’m using the Tatsmoa Edge driver with a WLED strip. One of the methods in the driver is setColor(). I have it working fine when I manually enter values:

But I can’t figure out how to replace those values with variables? I’m doing a “Set variable” to get the values I need to use:

But how do I then inject them into the setColor() method? I would expect something like this to work, but it doesn’t and I don’t know how to get it to work from here:

Hi Michael-
Variables are supported in Strings and Numeric arguments, but not in objects at the moment.

As such, you would need to use the setHue() command to adjust the color if needed (though I can’t remember if it was you that mentioned that you were using a custom Edge driver that had issues with the setHue() command).

Thanks for the reply. Yes, that was me having problems with those methods, they didn’t seem to work. I’ll have to go back to that and explore the functionality more.