How to get window sensor icon to glow


Is there a way to get my window icon to glow when open in the same way as for lights?


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No not without custom css. The ‘glow’ option is not in the list of animations that can be accessed when editing the state/style of a thing. I’ve requested it a few times and I thought it might be relatively simple (compared to some of the other things that get added) for the team to add it to the animations such as pulsate, rotate etc but it hasn’t happened. As the Rolling Stones once sang ‘you can’t always get what you want…’

In the meantime all you could do is what I’ve done to highlight contacts that are open - I’ve had to set the tile so either:

1 - the background tile colour changes to red when the door/window etc is open or
2 - set the icon to be just one shade different to the tile background when contact is closed and a more prominent colour when it’s open.

Having ‘glow’ in the animations however would be far simpler especially when you have multiple things you want to apply it to.

Hi brother, you can handle the style with CSS commands. There are some post how to set glowing effect in CSS code…If you stock with it, please tell me, I can look for how I did it and share with you.