How to find what thing a tile represents?

I had an old tile on a screen that I hadn’t used in a while. Went to use it and it didn’t work. So I looked at the tile and couldn’t figure out what the tile was doing - was it a device, a hyperlink, or something else? After clicking around I found out that it was a hyperlink that was well out of date.

But is there a simpler way to figure out what a tile is connected to? Thanks.

Hi @simon -
Thanks for posting. We don’t explicitly list the type of tile in the Tile Editor, so you would have to infer from the configuration options that are available. If you have a tile type you’re questioning, feel free to post a screenshot of the Tile Edit screen and I would be happy to help identify the tile type.

Once you’ve identified the tile type, the original resource name is shown at the top of the Tile Editor. You can use that as a reference when looking through your resources.


That being said, now that we’ve started sharing more settings across various tile types, I would certainly entertain a feature request for making this more apparent like we do with the Super Tiles:

You might also notice the ‘Change’ link available in the Super Tile item editor. There’s also a feature request for a similar functionality for dashboard tiles though the linked request thread explains why this is a bit more complicated for Dashboard tiles than it is for Super Tile item values.

Thanks, I gave it an upvote.