How to find all the devices which did not respond

So, i have a pretty big number of devices and some are (looks like) maybe to far or the zwave network is not healthy enough. When such device gets a command and does not respond on time, Sharptools mark it with a small question mark. I’m wondering is there a a way to find all the devices who are not in sync, or did not respond on time, so at least I can see how healthy is my network.

What type of hub is this on? I’m wondering if the hub itself might have some tools? Or perhaps some community developed tools for the hub?

You might try posting in the community for your hub to see what kind of Z-wave health / networking monitoring tools are available.

It is Hubitat, there is a custom app, that pings devices and see if they are responsive. However from the dashboarding perspective, it would be very helpful to see, if my dashboard is truthful enough, there are many exceptions configured there based on the states of the devices, if I’m losing them it is not a good setup. But having said this you maybe right to try to address it at the root and then trust Sharptools to send commands and get them back if the device is healthy.

Your hardwired devices should act as a repeater. I have a lot of battery powered sensors that are beyond the range of my SmartThings hub. But I also have hardwired devices (light switches and wall plugs) that act as repeaters so range / signal isn’t an issue.