How to export Custom Tile?

@josh how do you export a custom tile and supply the link like how you do?

Hey @just_jake - thanks for posting and I look forward to seeing your creation shared with the community. The sneak preview you shared in PM looks awesome!

You can find some details on creating the import URL here:

Most people host their code on Github and then use the ‘raw’ link so they can link directly to the raw source code rather than a page displaying the code.

So from the ‘Import Code’ section of the documentation above, the base format is:{{URL_TO_RAW_SOURCE_HTML}}

End-to-End Example

  1. Getting the raw source URL
    For the Scenes example in my screenshot above, the URL from the ‘raw’ button is:

    :information_source: Technically, the URL_TO_RAW_SOURCE_HTML should be URL encoded. I find the easiest way to do that is just combine the URLs like normal and then open it in a modern browser like Chrome which will automatically encode the parameter for you.

  2. Combine our source URL with the import format
    So combined we have the unencoded format…
  3. Ensure it’s encoded properly
    And if I put that in my browser and load it, the browser encodes the url property for me giving me the final version

    :information_source: You could URL encode it any other way you’re comfortable with - for example with an online URL Encoder tool, but I found the browser does the job and it’s readily available.

Here’s a demo showing the process end-to-end:

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Did I miss the big reveal @just_jake :slight_smile: