How To: Designing Dashboards for a Tablet from a Laptop / PC

i’ll third that! please, that;d be great!

Oh god. I’ve just set up a semi decent ui on my phone.

Very well organised, good flow etc.

Shared it to the wife’s phone, and my beautiful creation is a piece of crap, everything has moved everywhere.

Seems the only solution at the minute is to design multiple versions of my (12?!) dashboards. That’s going to be a PITA.

I’ll need one for

  • my phone
  • wife’s phone
  • desktop
  • one for each tablet., they’re all different.

Thats insane! Although I’m very happy with mine, I have to admit I probably wouldn’t have put in the effort to begin with had I known. = /

What’s the chances of a solution? begs


Even if the scalability isnt doable, would it be an easy fix to essentially have a ‘carriage return’ added at the end of a row…?at leaat that way we could use custom scaling on the browser to zoom in and out without the flow getting screwed up. It’s a bit like writing a list in notepad, with word wrap, but having everything on one line. Can’t keep the list as a list. Stick a few CRS in, and everything works great. If you get my point?

I’d be more in favor of a new feature request topic getting created. This topic starts with a lot of discussion and explanation of alternative approaches.

I’ve gone ahead and drafted two different feature requests based on some of the discussion from the topic above. Please be sure to cast your vote(s) to help us better understand the level of interest.

  • Ability to define how many tiles wide a dashboard is
    Instead of defining the approximate Tile Size and then letting things flow to the new row whenever the tile reaches the end of the row, this would have you define how many tiles ‘wide’ you wanted the dashboard to be and would resize things accordingly to fit.

    Feature Request: Scalable dashboards - fixed number of tiles wide

  • A fixed ‘canvas’ design
    More of a completely redesign of how dashboards are designed. Rather than laying out tiles left-to-right top to bottom and using spacers to achieve visual whitespace between tiles, this would be more like a canvas where you could place tiles where you want. This would be a significant effort, but does have some unique advantages.

    Feature Request: Fixed Canvas Layout for Dashboards

From an initial analysis, I think the scalability would be doable if we offered the ability to specify how many tiles wide a dashboard is as an alternative to specifying how big the tile is (in px) as is done today.

I just drafted the feature request here, so be sure to go cast your vote:

:link: Scalable dashboards - fixed number of tiles wide

In the meantime, what kind of devices are you viewing things on? For phones that are a similar size, you may be able to use a custom tile size that is roughly between the screen size of each phone which will get the tiles to scale at the same size on both phones.

On tablets, if you’re using something like Fully Kiosk Browser, you use the adjust the Web Zoom and Scaling to get the tablets to fit the same dashboard across different sized screens.

From within Fully Kiosk Browser…

  1. Swipe out the left navigation drawer and select Settings
  2. Choose Web Zoom and Scaling
  3. Uncheck ‘Use Wide Viewport’
  4. Change the Initial Scale to your desired value (eg. 125)
    Note : 150% should be close to the default so something like a value of 125 would fit more tiles onto the screen.
  5. Return to your dashboard and observe the results - adjust further as needed

I am still new to Sharptools. So far I love creating my own dashboards. I am currently using two different size tablets. One is Samsung Tab A7 (10.1) and the other is Samsung Tab A (8.0). Anyways, I am using both Microsoft Edge and also this trick with Chrome. I get my dashboard layout just the way I like it finally and when I click save…tiles move around and out of the order I had them in. I have added tons of spacers to see if that would help, but it doesn’t. I tried using both scalable and reflow and it still moves the tiles around after I set them the way I like and click save. This is super frustrating to say the least. I don’t like the lack luster of features on Hubitat Dashboard, but at least I have the ability to set my tile where I want and it stays right there.

So, I am also asking if we can get this feature added to Sharptools? The ability to lock tiles in place to a size tablet we are using or maybe I am doing something all wrong. So any help or feedback will be appreciated.

The Scalable Dashboards feature is now available and would be the best way to handle having a single dashboard that scales across different screen sizes.

Sorry to hear that - it sounds like something isn’t working as expected if tiles are getting moved out of order when you press save. Would you mind sending a note to with additional details of what’s happening? (If it’s not too much trouble, a short video would probably be the best way to demonstrate)

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Thank you Josh for the quick response. I will try and get that sent tonight. Is there any file size maximum limit when sending the video? I’ll keep it short, just checking

I think it’s somewhere around 20MB or 30MB. If that’s not enough, you could put it on a file share (Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud) and share a link. :slight_smile: